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Somatic Emotional Wellness Sessions – What is your body telling you?

Somatic Emotional Wellness sessions open the door to healing. Stressful times and experiences change the way we respond to life’s challenges, the way we relate to ourselves and how we respond to others.  Negative experiences can cause us to develop emotional holding patterns; leaving us feeling like we are not quite ourselves.  

In these sessions, we learn to navigate even the most difficult emotions and energies. As we invite gentleness and cultivate presence, the mind will calm, allowing the spirit to rest more deeply in the body, as the nervous system learns to relax.

We utilize breathwork, our somatic experience, and therapeutic touch. Sessions follow the flow of the client's unfolding experience with deep respect. Sessions are clothes on and take place sitting together, before moving to the massage table.

Clients report relief from fearful, negative or anxious thinking and emotions. They say they gain clarity on current and previous life issues. Some have reported more patience and kindness, and less anxiety.  Others, have experienced a deepening of love.  Many report (sometimes for the first time) feelings of safety and peace in the body. Find a whole new level of freedom as you gently unwind and let go.

90 Minutes $115

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