Biodynamic Cranial Sacral


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle non-invasive hands-on treatment for the whole-body system. Gentle but deep, we work in deep therapeutic relationship with the “potency” or power for change inherent in the system of the client. The client is fully clothed with the touch being generally light and still. Focus is on supporting the health of the whole being through the fascial and nervous system which are constantly sending and receiving information. With this focused connection, we are augmenting processes already taking place in an effort to return the body to greater health.

A BDCS therapist has an understanding of how an optimally functioning healthy nervous system performs and uses acute perception skills to perceive subtle physiological changes, in addition to being aware of the energetic map that underlies basic health and symptomology. 

The therapist believes that health is never lost no matter what the ailment and uses their awareness of the “always available health” in the body to assist the system in bringing itself back into balance. This supports greater ease and helps the body decrease symptoms.

Sessions are very gentle and take place lying on a massage table.

75 minutes $100

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Somatic Emotional Wellness


Somatic Emotional Wellness sessions open the door to healing. Stressful times and experiences change the way we respond to life’s challenges, the way we relate to ourselves and how we respond to others.  Negative experiences cause us to develop emotional holding patterns that leave us feeling not quite ourselves.


 In these sessions, we utilize meditation, breathwork, our somatic experience, and therapeutic touch, following the flow of the client's unfolding experience with deep respect. We learn to navigate even the most difficult emotions and energies with gentleness. By cultivating presence, we calm the mind while the nervous system learns to regulate and relax. Sessions are with clothes on and take place sitting together before moving to the massage table.

Clients report relief from fearful, negative or anxious thinking and emotions. They gain clarity on important life issues. Many report (sometimes for the first time) feelings of safety and peace in the body. Find a whole new level of freedom as you gently unwind and let go.

90 Minutes

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